Salt Cave

Immerse yourself in the world of salt: under your feet, on the walls, on the ceiling ..


In our Salt Room, we have recreated the micro-climate of the salt mines: you will only need to relax and breath and let yourself be pampered by music therapy and chromotherapy as you begin to experience salt’s many beneficial effects.

The micro-climate keeps humidity between 40-60% and at a stable temperature (from 18° to 24° C).

The Salt Room is rich in iodine, a precious mineral for balancing the body, the metabolism and the thyroid.

The Salt Room environment is dry and hypoallergic as the salt gives the air you breathe a very low bacterial load. The Salt Room is an active environment where iodine salt is micro-ionized by means of a special certified and patented dispenser. 

In a 40-minute session, you will enjoy the same beneficial effects as a 3-4 day holidays at a seaside location rich in iodine.


The Salt Room is indicated in the following cases:

The Salt Room is also effective for the following:


Welcome kids!

The Salt Room, Halotherapy, is particularly suitable for children, even the youngest, and it is very helpful for respiratory or dermatologic pathologies and is also an effective prevention method too. Children have fun during the sessions as they can play or watch their favourite cartoons.



The Salt Room has not a therapeutic purpose.

Haloterapia is not suggested for those with fevers, heart disease, serious hypertension and cancer.



Please ask our staff to book you a session at the seaside!