Termal Mud


Clay – Thermal water - Microrganisms.

The muds of Abano and Montegrotto are the result of an astute mixture of a solid (clay), a liquid (sodiobromidiodic water) and a biological component (microorganisms and biomaterials).

The ripening process takes place in special tanks for approximately 50-60 days. During this time the muds are kept in constant contact with a steady flow of thermal water at a temperature of 60°C. The temperature and chemical components in the Euganean thermal waters affect the development of particular strains of microbes, modifying the chemical and chemical-physical properties and imparting the therapeutic properties that make these muds so unique.


Fangotherapy involves four basic steps:

The Centro Studi Termali Veneto “Pietro d’Abano” (Spa Study Center) has tested and guaranteed the scientific and therapeutic validity of the thermal treatments, now internationally recognized as a medical product, our mud has the same anti-inflammatory effects of cortisone but without collateral effects.

Mud therapy is indicated for the care and prevention of the following pathologies:

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12 mud applications + 12 thermal baths in 12 sessions