Euganean Hills

The Euganean Hills are a melding of natural and historic beauty that reflects the idea of an intelligent holiday.

Protected since 1989 by a Regional Park, the Euganean Hills cover nearly 20,000 hectares.

The sequence of 81 hills of varying heights and shapes creates a particular landscape that immediately catches the traveller’s eye no matter what direction he is coming from.

In the Euganean Hills the famous Veneto wine-growing tradition lives on. There are a full 13 “D.O.C.” (Denomination of Controlled Origin) wines including the well-known red wines Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, whites as Chardonnay and sparkling wines such as Serprino or Moscato Fiori d’Arancio.

The Euganean landscape maintains many witnesses of a glorious past: you can admire small towns of medieval origin, like Este and Monselice; majestic castles like Catajo in Battaglia Terme or the one in Valbona; stunning villas like Villa Barbarigo in Valsanzibio or Villa Emo Capodilista. Nonetheless you can visit places of faith such as the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia.