Enjoy the sun - Our new body treatment with Vitamin C

This pampering for the body is an excellent treatment to prepare the skin for the first exposure to the sun and to obtain a homogeneous and lasting tan.

Plunge into this Vitamin C concentrate!

This ritual foresees 3 phases:

Thanks to its antioxidant power, Vitamin C destroys free radicals, the main causes of tissue aging, and exerts an effective protection from external aggressions and pollution.

It also stimulates the production of collagen, which is one of the main components of the skin tissue, to which it gives firmness and elasticity.

Finally, it plays an important role in the disinfection of micro-lesions, in the healing of wounds and prevents the formation of acne and impurities, making the epidermis smooth, luminous and homogeneous.

This treatment is particularly recommended in this period, to prepare the skin for the first exposure to the sun.

It can also be done in summer as it acts against free radicals generated by the sun.

Throughout the year it is good practice to use beauty routine products based on Vitamin C or derivatives to adequately protect the skin.

Duration 50 minutes, € 65,00 per person.

Promo: with the purchase of a sunscreen signed "Germaine de Capuccini", this "Enjoy the sun" treatment with Vitamin C will be discounted by 20%!