Serprino Weekend: four days to discover the sparkling wine from the Euganean Hills

This summer Serprino WeekEnd will wait for you from 14th to 18th July on the Euganean Hills.

This wine is part of the Glera vine biotype and comes from the volcanic areas typical of our hills.

It is a slightly sparkling, lively and light wine, with a pale straw yellow color. It has a fresh and delicate aroma with clear sensations of fruit, apple, pear, peach and tropical fruits.

Due to its freshness it is the classic wine between meals, also ideal as an aperitif; it goes well with lean appetizers and fish preparations.

As usual, every year a whole weekend is dedicated to it, that is a widespread event of bubbles and local appetizers in the cellars, gourmet aperitifs at sunset, guided tours, dinners in the moonlight, which involves local wineries, villas and castles and of course relaxation at the spa!

There are really many proposals to get to know and enjoy (in all senses!) our territory.

We have selected some interesting activities for you.

Many other proposals await you throughout the area of our hills, to discover the historical and artistic beauties but also our culinary tradition.