Covid Information Booklet

Information for all guests on safety procedures

Rev. 6.1a del 01/06/2020 


A sanitized and safe room

  • Your room, in addition to the scrupulous cleaning operations that have always been envisaged by the very high standards of our Hotel Terme Petrarca, is now delivered to you after a complete sanitization operation. Our service staff can enter your room only if equipped with clean gloves and a mask.

The safety distance

  • We ask you kindly to respect in every common environment the safety distance of at least one meter from all other guests who are not members of your family and up to the 6th degree of kinship.
  • Talk to our collaborators without any fear but keep the safety distance.
  • For information at the various receptions areas / treatment department / bar / hall / spa please approach people keeping the distances of one meter from the contact areas indicated. The staff will be equipped with a mask, glasses or visor
  • For the various extras or services, please wait for our collaborator to bring you the debit document, sign it calmly with the pen that our collaborator will have previously sanitized. 

Your Hygiene

  • Maintain excellent hands hygiene by washing them often with soap and water or using the sanitizing gel dispensers that you will find in the various areas of the Hotel, the treatment department, the Spa, the Bar and the swimming pools. Try to avoid to touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands.
  • In closed rooms it is compulsory to wear a mask, better if a surgical mask

Personal protective equipment:

  • While waiting at the Cure Department or the Spa, please wear a surgical mask.
  • For some treatments it is expected that you can remove the mask, the staff who takes care of you will tell you when and if you can remove it.
  • When you are in the pool or sitting at the bar you can remove the mask respecting the safety distances. Please occupy only the assigned seating station.
  • At the restaurant and bar sit at your table waiting to be served. Enjoy the relaxation and service of our waiters.
  • Please use the mask.

Use and Change of Personal Protective Equipment:

  • When you remove the mask, put it in its bag or in your pocket.
  • Do not leave used masks or tissues everywhere or in common areas.

Your health during your stay:

if you experience any of the following symptoms while in your room:

Fever, cough, difficulty in breathing

  • Stay in your room and notify your condition to the reception by calling nr. 9, if you are accompanied, keep the safety distance from your guest too.
  • If your guest is not in the room with you, notify him the problem and tell him to inform someone of the staff. If you are unable to reach him by telephone, notify the reception at nr. 9 to contact him: we will take care of both.
  • Keep wearing the mask.
  • Avoid contact with other people (maid on the floors).
  • Open the window.
  • Turn off the air conditioning.

The Hotel Team will be at your disposal.

If you experience any of the following symptoms while you are out of your room:

Fever, cough, difficulty in breathing

  • Go to the reception
  • If you are accompanied, call your guest in order to inform him.

The Hotel Team will be ready to take care of you.

Our collaborators are by your side anytime you need to give you advice and take care of you. We have heavily invested for your safety and that of our employees. To improve your security, we have modified some of our services and created new ones. We have temporarily changed our commercial policies by significantly reducing the number of guests in the hotel. We are sure that also thanks to your collaboration we will be able to discover a safer healthy holiday together without any renunciation.

“We must inform you that uncooperative behaviors dangerous for the health of other guests and our collaborators won’t be tolerated.
Not respecting the simple rules described means violating the law rules imposed by the Italian State. Every violator will be immediately reported to the competent authorities.”


Today more than ever space is one of the elements that most characterize the choice of our future daily life: in our Hotel Terme Petrarca indoor and outdoor SPACE is what surprises, fascinates and reassures.
Park, swimming pools, common areas, rooms and wellness center are wide and can guarantee the safety distances where to feel and be protected.
Today distancing is a fundamental element, with us it is respected without difficulty.


Nowadays there is a real search for energy, in order to rebalance the body and mind.
Finding the right psycho-physical form with proper relaxation is our key-word.



At the Thermal Treatment Area and Spa

  • Pay attention to the information given at the reception: they are simple rules to follow.
  • During the medical examination our doctor will check your healthy condition and give you advice on the best treatments for your needs.
  • The Thermal Treatment Area, the Spa, cabins, waiting areas, in addition to the normal cleaning operations between one treatment and another will be carefully sanitized every day during the closure time.
  • Every treatment will be carried out with individual access to the treatment cabins.
  • As a precaution we have suspended the use of the Turkish bath (Hamman) and the Finnish sauna. Steam can be a source of virus transmission. 

Swimming pools

  • The temperature at the source of the thermal water of our pools together with the normal filtering, chlorination and disinfection processes make them a safe place. The Water-fitness courses continue, we ask you to keep the safety distance that the instructor will indicate to you. 

Kitchen Bar and Restaurant

  • All our staff in contact with food use gloves and masks during the processing phases and the food is preserved in the most absolute and rigorous compliance with the hygiene and healthy standards.
  • During all meals, including breakfast, the waiters will serve you, discover the pleasure of being pampered.
  • Our chefs have created innovative menus, a joy for the eyes and the palate.
  • We do not want to give up traditional moments of conviviality, music evenings, welcome aperitif or wine tasting: these are pleasures that we will continue to offer you. Please sit down, relax and enjoy your holiday! 

Common areas

  • Whenever the weather will permit it, we will always privilege the use of our large outdoor spaces both for moments of conviviality at the bar or breakfast or for sports activities.
  • In the indoor and outdoor spaces around the swimming pool, in the waiting rooms, in the thermal treatment area, at the Spa, at the Restaurant, in the large hall and in the open spaces, the furniture, the deckchairs, the tables and the seats have already been prepared to guarantee maximum privacy and the correct distancing to all. 

Enjoy your holiday at Hotel Terme Petrarca!!


Petrarca Hotel Terme
Piazza Roma 23
35036 Montegrotto Terme (PD) Italy
Phone: +39.0498911744
Fax: +39.0498911698


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