A walk on the ancient paths above Luvigliano, among nature and art

We invite you for a walk through the nature and the view of the town of Luvigliano, with a visit to Villa dei Vescovi.

Once you reach Luvigliano (about 6 km from our hotel) and park your car in the large parking lot in front of the cemetery, head towards Villa dei Vescovi keeping it on your right.

In front of you, you will find the church dedicated to San Martino set in the hilly landscape.

Then take the dirt path on the left that flanks Villa Pollini and that shortly afterwards turns right and begins to climb steeply on the slope of the hill. Keep following it for its entire length, flanking the vineyards.

When you reach the end of the climb, turn right immediately and continue along the flat dirt road to the pretty little white church “degli Alpini”. It was built by local farmers to protect the vineyards from storms.

Stop to admire the view around you, the climb will probably have been a bit tiring, but you will be rewarded by the sight!

Get back on your way following the path that descends slightly, then climbs for a very short stretch and then returns to the flat.

The area is defined as the "white lands", a name due to the light gray limestone rock. The landscape appears peaceful and isolated: the vineyards extend as far as the eye can see, the slopes are gentle and cypresses grow along the tree-lined avenues that give the landscape a romantic aspect.

Starting the descent you will find in the locality "red lands", with the color of the limestone rock that on this stretch of mountain colors the ground in a characteristic way.

Continue following the signs for the Alta Via (red and white triangle with number 1) until you reach a crossroads at a house, take the path on the right that continues through the woods. Always follow it, the final descent will take you to the walls of Villa dei Vescovi (after having passed the old quarry with a furnace, reconstructed as a private house).

We recommend the perimeter tour to admire it from all angles.

The interior of the Villa is also worth a visit.

This magnificent sixteenth-century building was the site of an intellectual cenacle frequented by a large group of important writers and humanists of the time. The interior is decorated with frescoes that reproduce scenes from ancient classical myths.

Its elevated position allows you to have a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and countryside. Take a walk among the vineyards within the walls, or sit on the grassy steps or go to the small pond.

Finally, for a well-deserved break, you can stop and sip a glass of good wine in the wine shop next to the entrance to the villa.


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