Hot Stone Massage: a warm cuddle for your winter season

The Hot Stone Massage is a pleasant massage which consists of the use of basalt stones of volcanic origin, with smooth surfaces, able to retain heat and release it slowly.

How many of you experience sensations of muscle stiffness, lack of fluency, but also heavy mind and thoughts?

A valid, and above all, pleasant help for these ailments, is given by the Hot Stone massage, which, in addition to bringing relief is also a real pampering for mind and body.

The stones are heated in special warmers at about 50/60 °, and placed on the various points of the body during the massage; they can also be used to massage various areas of the body.

In addition to being extremely relaxing, this treatment has many benefits for both body and mind.

The peculiarity of this massage is that it exploits the benefits of heat for the treatment of pain, especially caused by muscle contractures or stiffness.

The stones, releasing the heat during the treatment, dissolve muscle contractures, reactivate the circulation and purify the skin.

Benefits for the body

After just one session you will notice improvements for:

  • musculoskeletal pains
  • joint or rheumatic pains
  • back pain and sciatica
  • the cervical
  • headaches
  • problems deriving from incorrect posture and excessive sedentary lifestyle
  • the process of eliminating toxins
  • blood and lymphatic circulation
  • cellulite

Benefits for the mind

On an energetic level, the Hot Stone massage works by unblocking the chakras, thus managing to make the flow of energy flow without impediments which, when blocked, can create imbalances on a physical and emotional level.

By moving the energy, those who undergo the massage feel more balanced, positive and with a lighter mind.

By acting in depth, this technique also has effects on the nervous system and therefore on the mood.

It is particularly suitable, for example, for those who are pervaded by negative thoughts.

The Hot Stone massage is also useful in case of stress and fatigue, both physical and mental, thanks to the synergy of the manual massage together with hot stones.

These benefits are possible because the heat of the Hot Stone massage stones creates a vasodilation that helps relax the body and improve blood circulation.

So, you just have to give yourself one hour of Hot Stone Massage, your body and your mind will be grateful!


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