Bandages and pressotherapy: a perfect match against cellulite

Two solutions in one to fight cellulite and leg swelling.

Following a healthy diet, practicing constant physical activity, drinking plenty of water, are essential elements for keeping fit. But the results are not always the desired ones: the imperfections related to cellulite and water retention are always present.

A valid help to face cellulite is given by draining bandages: special gauze pads are immersed in specific products useful for draining and purifying, reducing swelling in the lower limbs and improving the lymphatic and circulatory system.

What we offer you in our wellness center is a complete treatment that includes a draining bandage completed by a pressotherapy.

This technique it is not only effective for the treatment of skin imperfections, but it is extremely important in the treatment and maintenance of certain conditions affecting the venous and lymphatic system, it reduces the swelling from oedema and has vasodilatory and anti-thrombotic action.

While the product in which the gauze is immersed exerts its effect, the pressotherapy performs a lymphatic drainage.

The result will be immediately visible, but above all you will feel your legs light!

Our proposal from Germaine de Capuccini: Svelte Custom Method

It is the only Germaine de Capuccini’s definitive and totally customized response to problems associated with cellulite.

An innovative system that works synergistically like a powerful fat burner and an effective drainer capable of diluting accumulations of fat and toxins.


  • Reduces the size of fat deposits
  • Refines the figure
  • Remodeling effect
  • Prevents and helps reduce orange-peel skin
  • Limits fluid retention


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