Venetian Villas Day: 21st and 22nd October

A long weekend to discover and experience the Venetian Villas.

The second National event entirely dedicated to the Venetian Villas to tell the Civilization in the Villa through experiences: visits, tastings, workshops, readings, performances.

Choose your experience!

Here we list some proposals, first the villas open exceptionally for the occasion, followed by the "classic" and closer destinations.

  • Casa dalla Francesca in Casale di Scodosia (43 km from the hotel) - Visit to the 477 cards of the Herbarium.
  • Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin in Vescovana (30 km from the hotel) - Guided tours in the park and in the frescoed rooms of the historic Villa.
  • Villa Roberti in Brugine (22 km from the hotel) - Walking in a garden we think we only see trees and flowers. In reality every garden is much more for those who have eyes to see it..
  • Frassanelle Park in Rovolon (15 km from the hotel) - Visit to the villa surrounded by the splendid park and the artificial caves, among the largest and most spectacular in Europe.
  • Monumental Garden in Valsanzibio (10 km from the hotel) - Visit to the garden and its symbolic path.
  • Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano di Torreglia (7 km from the hotel) - Villa dei Vescovi is a place rich in history, art and with a very particular relationship with the territory in which it is immersed.
  • Villa Molin and Villa Giusti in Padua (6,5 km from the hotel) - The two villas will be opened to tell you their story in a coordinated visit: a unique event that will allow you to get to know and appreciate two splendid homes; at Villa Giusti extraordinary visit to the room where the famous armistice was signed on 3 November 1918 which laid the foundations for world peace.
  • San Pelagio Castle in Due Carrare (6 km from the hotel) - Guided tour of the Castle and don't miss a walk in the large park and the two labyrinths!
  • Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme (6 km from the hotel) - An opportunity to visit the Catajo Castle and the precious imperial chapel with a guided tour. A unique opportunity to see a rare neo-Gothic jewel usually closed to the public.

To find other villas in the other provinces, we advise you to read more on the site dedicated to the Day of the Venetian Villas



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