Thermal mud and water against sinusitis

The benefits of inhalation therapy.

Our wellness center is equipped with instruments for inhalation treatments.

Special instruments break up the particles of mineral water, atomizing them and transforming them into an effective treatment for upper and lower airways pathologies as well as for the prevention and treatment of chronic pathologies.

In recent years, deteriorating environmental conditions, smog, pollution, and both active and passive smoke have led to a rise in the number of persons with respiratory disorders.

Thermal inhalation therapy is traditionally used and scientifically recognized in the treatment of respiratory diseases and in preventing the reinflammation of infective processes.

An ear, nose and throat specialist advises patients on the most suitable thermal treatment selecting from inhalation therapy, direct jet aerosol treatment, endotubal insufflation or endonasal microionized jet washing.

Inhalation therapy focuses on numerous therapeutic objectives:

  • Antiseptic action
  • Ciliary apparatus stimulation
  • Secretion fluidification
  • Respiratory mucous normalization
  • Reduction of non-physiological microbiological component

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, due to a complication of the normal cold that obstructs the paranasal sinuses causing stagnation of mucus.

Often, the resulting pain can expand and sharpen above the eyebrows, causing pain in the face and severe headaches.

If it is not treated promptly, sinusitis can become chronic over time and even drug therapy can prove ineffective or cause side effects.

This is why it is essential not only to cure the disease, but to limit its onset over time.

Our treatment involves the application of thermal mud on the nasal septa, cheeks and forehead; the result will be immediate relief.

We recommend repeating the application daily for at least 6 days to obtain lasting benefits.

The cost of one application is € 20,00 (30 min.)


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