Pomegranate body scrub

Not the classic scrub!

The texture is in fact an original and pleasant mousse, in which the exfoliating powder given by pomegranate seeds is combined with the massage cream.

In this treatment the body is pampered with a deep massage, the pomegranate grains that remain on the skin are removed with a knob.

This ritual therefore combines the pleasure of a massage with the benefits of a scrub which in turn contributes to the elimination of dead cells from the skin's surface, leaving it nourished and repaired.

The "Pomegranate Body Scrub" treatment is particularly recommended in this period, in which we are approaching the change of season, to hydrate the skin after long exposures to the sun and also to keep the summer tan longer.

The properties of pomegranate

The pomegranate originates from Asia and is one of the oldest foods in the world. It was traditionally considered a sacred fruit, the symbol of love, fertility, wealth and good luck.

The pomegranate has been highly valued since ancient times for its flavour, health properties, and skin and hair care benefits. Its high vitamin A, C and E content as well as potassium, calcium,

phosphorus and other minerals, make it an extraordinary fruit for maintaining proper skin and body function.

Book today this treatment at our wellness center! (50 min.) € 65,00


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