Street art in Abano and Montegrotto Terme

 Art is not found only in museums, but also on buildings and along the streets of the city: until recently, Street Art was not a recognized and accepted form of art, but in recent years it has made room, becoming current and trendy.

More and more tourists are looking for street art works in the city, like in a real treasure hunt.

It is a public art, accessible to all, which makes cities real open-air museums.

In fact, the goal of street art is not to be beautiful, but to communicate something through art: it has the ability to transform the face of cities, but also to make the people who come across it reflect, becoming a point of comparison and dialogue with people.

The murals in Abano and Montegrotto Terme

In recent years, numerous murals have appeared in Abano and Montegrotto Terme, which have colored and embellished the buildings of the two spa towns.

Among the former we find the work of Yama at the Theater in the pedestrian area, which combines masks with the typical elements of Abano such as water and earth.

Works by La Cremerie then appeared in the most historic area of Abano Terme, revisiting the dragon contained in the city's coat of arms, recalling its ancient history with the reproduction of the Montirone column, Capobianco and Boogie (in the sports hall), Ale Senso, Spock with his optical illusions and Orion.

A local street artist is Seneca, whose female figures and above all the numerous red hearts are widespread in the pedestrian area of Abano Terme or on the walls of some buildings always in the area of our spas.

Kenny Random, Tony Gallo and Alessio B are the best-known street artists in Padua, their works convey positive messages (respecting the historical-artistic beauties of the city), but their range of action has also moved away from the historic center to also land in the area of our Euganean Spas.

Here are some indications on the artists and the location of their murals.

Tony Gallo: elementary school in Montegrotto

The works of Alessio B. are very poetic: children, hearts and butterflies are recurring motifs.

  • A tribute to the champion Ayrton Senna is located in Abano Terme on the small square adjacent to the Church of the Sacred Heart.
  • In Montegrotto Terme, in Viale Stazione, we find a little girl reading, right next to the book house.
  • In Arquà Petrarca we find "Butterfly Dream"
  • In Battaglia Terme, along the E2 cycle path, there is a little girl blowing on a dandelion, releasing dozens of colored butterflies in flight.

Kenny Random, is also known as "the Paduan Bansky". He typically creates his works at night, in non-touristy corners and his "trademark" is the unmistakable black man with a top hat.

His works are steeped in romance and melancholy and often bear positive messages. In Battaglia Terme, along the "horseshoe" path, a pleasant walk, there is a mural on the wall of an old house. A little further on, in Monselice, on the wall of the former cement factory, not far from the historic centre, another famous depiction.

Zeromentale delights us with one of his murals in Battaglia Terme (right next to Alessio B.'s little girl): the superhero Spiderman throwing a web of love!

Looking for their works allows you to visit the area in a new way, experiencing a contemporary treasure hunt.

Discover the murals of Abano and Montegrotto Terme during your holiday at the Euganean Spas: get in touch with the vibrations of Street Art!


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