Face and Body Scrubs in Winter: an essential care for your skin!

With the arrival of winter, our skin requires special care to tackle the climatic challenges and maintain its radiance.

A fundamental element of the winter skincare routine should be the regular use of face and body scrubs.

In this article, we will explore why it is crucial to integrate scrubbing into your winter beauty routine and clarify the difference between scrub and peeling.

Scrubbing in Winter: why is it useful?

Because winter cold can lead to dry and flaky skin, the use of face and body scrubs becomes even more crucial. These products not only gently remove dead skin cells but also those dry particles that can accumulate due to the harsh climate.

Moreover, scrubbing stimulates blood circulation, promoting a radiant and healthy appearance.

During winter, the skin can become more sensitive, so opting for a scrub with natural and moisturizing ingredients is essential. Scrubs enriched with nourishing oils, such as almond oil or coconut oil, can help keep your skin hydrated even on the coldest days.

Scrub and Peeling: what's the difference?

Many might confuse scrubbing with peeling, but it is important to note the key differences between the two.

Scrubbing is generally gentler and uses exfoliating particles to delicately remove dead skin cells. It is ideal for regular use and can be an integral part of your weekly routine.

Peeling, on the other hand, is more concentrated and often contains exfoliating acids that penetrate deeper into the skin to remove dead cells and stimulate cellular renewal. While scrubs are suitable for frequent use, peels are recommended with a lower frequency, usually once a month or as per the product's instructions.


Incorporating face and body scrubs into your winter routine is an essential step to maintain radiant and healthy skin.

Remember to distinguish between scrubbing and peeling to tailor your beauty routine to the specific needs of your skin. With proper care, your skin will face winter with a fresh and luminous look.

Our recommendations for you

Our experts will assess your skin type and recommend the treatment most suitable for your needs.

  • For sensitive skin: steam bath peeling: If you have sensitive skin, our steam bath peeling treatment is the ideal solution. This gentle formula exfoliates the skin lightly, accompanied by a steam bath that opens the pores, enhancing the treatment's effectiveness. You will feel your skin soft, revitalized, and irritation-free.
  • For radiant skin: salt scrub: Our salt scrub is the answer for those seeking radiant and smooth skin. This option is perfect for eliminating dead cells and revitalizing your dull skin.
  • For nourished skin: pomegranate scrub: Not your typical scrub! The texture is, in fact, an original and pleasant mousse, where pomegranate seed exfoliating powder is combined with massage cream. In this treatment, the body is pampered with a deep massage, and the pomegranate granules remaining on the skin are removed with a mitt.
  • For illuminated skin: Vitamin C scrub: If you are looking for a burst of brightness, our Vitamin C scrub is the perfect choice. Vitamin C is known for its ability to brighten the skin, reduce spots, and improve complexion tone. Add this scrub to your routine for a fresh and radiant look even during winter.

Now all that's left is to contact us for a beauty boost and make your skin shine in these winter months!


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