Discover the winter spectacle of temperature inversion in the Euganean Hills.

Explore the unique beauty of temperature inversion in winter in the Euganean Hills.

Discover how fog transforms into a suggestive spectacle, creating breathtaking views. Find the best vantage points to enjoy bright days and clear skies during the cold season.

Would you ever have thought that even fog can have a unique charm?

By visiting our Euganean Hills during the winter season, you can find out what it means!

What are we talking about? Typical of our area is the phenomenon of temperature inversion, characterized by lower temperatures in the valleys, where the air wedges and exposure to the sun is not always possible, and higher temperatures on slopes exposed to sunlight.

This phenomenon facilitates the life of hillside vegetation and explains why we find olive trees, cypress trees, laurels, broom, and many other species of Mediterranean flora on the hills. So, very often, during winter, when the plain is enveloped in gray, gloomy foggy days, climbing the hillsides and reaching their peaks, you can enjoy splendid days with dry air, clear skies, and a few degrees higher than the underlying plain.

What does this atmospheric phenomenon entail visually?

On the highest peaks of the Euganean Hills, you can enjoy splendid sunny days and clear skies, while the plain will be covered by a blanket of fog that hides the towns. From various vantage points, it will be possible to see the highest peaks of the hills emerging from the clouds, making them resemble small islands surrounded by a sea of fog.

Where can you best enjoy the spectacle of temperature inversion?

It is possible to observe it from the top of all the highest hills, but in particular, for a truly suggestive spectacle, we recommend the following points, some easily accessible by car, others via more or less challenging trails.

By car:

  • Passo Fiorine
  • Monte della Madonna (Sanctuary parking lot)
  • Pianoro del Mottolone

On foot:

  • Monte Venda (challenging)
  • Monte Ceva (medium difficulty)
  • Passo delle Volpi on Monte della Madonna near the church of S. Antonio Abate (easy)
  • Sasso delle Eriche on Monte Grande (medium, starting from Passo Fiorine)
  • Monte Cinto - Busa dei Briganti (medium-easy)

Even during the coldest season, our Euganean Hills offer unique emotions and landscapes.


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