Vital Center

To make your health and wellbeing holiday even more enjoyable, the Hotel Petrarca offers some rich diverse facilities.

The entrance to this section of the hotel is through the indoor swimming-pool after showing the staff a special badge.

The VITAL CENTER is equipped with the following:

  • Yin yang shower: with beams of lights; the traditional Chinese medicine states that the theory of yin and yang can be used to keep fit and healthy; in the shower, water is sprayed to specific points of the body with either warm and relaxing jets or cold and toning jets.
  • Steam bath - calidarium:  the temperature ranges between 44/48 °C and 98% humidity; chromotherapy and aromatherapy are also used in this facility. Sweating is less intense than in a Finnish sauna, where it is very hot and dry, but, as the session in this steam bath is longer, the quantity of transpired sweat is higher. The Turkish bath has several beneficial effects: blood vessels dilate and circulation is favored, skin is cleansed and purified, it has a toning and relaxing effect and it reduces stress.
  • Biosauna: it is regenerating and a combination of the two previous treatments: the maximum temperature ranges between 40° C and 55° C with a maximum humidity of 60/70%. The result is a pleasant heat sensation that wraps the body without being too overwhelming. As it is a “soft” treatment, differently from the traditional saunas, it is possible to stay longer and lose the same amount of water. The treatment is completed with the vapors of aromatic herbs and music therapy.
  • Finnish Sauna: the temperature can reach 100 °C, but the low humidity (20-30%) turns it into a pleasant hug that relaxes the muscles and favors the cleansing of the body. Wood gives off a natural scent, a primitive invitation to rediscover the serenity mind and free oneself from stress. The sauna has powerful relaxation proprieties and positively affects the mind and body. Nothing is more efficient than discharging nerve stress and calming down because the sauna stimulates the natural balance of the psychophysical conditions. The skin is purified and sweat eliminates acids and toxins.
  • Emotional showers with aromatherapy, they include a tropical shower at 38 °C, a Scottish shower with 6 jets of cold water, a concentrated jet shower for massaging the shoulder area with cold and warm water; a cold fog shower: with aromatherapy, sprayed cold water creates fog while warm and cold water is poured from the ceiling center. Aromas and colors contribute to make this shower a regenerating treatment against stress.  Chromotherapy and aromatherapy combined with water jets wash stress away and purify the mind. The function of this treatment is “stimulate emotion” and give intense moments of physical wellbeing and mental contentment.
  • Water paradise: a water course with chromotherapy divided in 5 sectors with a “cold-hot” cycle. 

Entrance fee: € 5.00 per person.

Please download the Vital Center 1 map to see how the areas are arranged.


VITAL CENTER 2, adjacent to the indoor swimming-pool, is free of charge and is equipped with:

  • Finnish sauna with windows
  • Large Turkish bath
  • Ice waterfall  


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